Vendor Pricing

To contact us:

Phone: 843 634-2150

†††† Cell: 404 229-7399


†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Serving the community since 1971

Vendor Policies

1.† Regular Vendors Arrivals

Our regular vendors have reserved spots. If you are a regular vendor, unless we heard otherwise, we assume you are coming. If you can not come please contact us and let us know.


2.† New Vendor Arrivals

If you are a new vendor and have a reserved spot then go directly to your spot and park.† After you park and before you set up, please come to the office to check in and pay.† We hold spots until 7 a.m.† Call us if your are running late.

If you do not have a reserved spot you must come by the office before you park to get an assigned spot.†† We arrive at 5:45 a.m.† Our office is located behind the Mt. Croghan Flea Market sign (center entrance).

3.† All Vendors (Trash Removal)

You must clean all trash and debris from your spaces before you leave.† You can deposit your trash in the dumpsters next to the office.† If you are throwing away cardboard boxes you need to break them down flat before putting them in the dumpster.†

4.† All Vendors† (Money change)

We apologize for not having an ATM.† If you need change come to the office and request some.† We donít always have enough small bills early but generally do after 10 a.m.

5.† All Vendors (Weather Policy)

Inclement weather.† We try to keep close tabs on the weather for rain, snow or sleet.† We only close under the most severe conditions Ėheavy rain or sleet.†† If hard rains start before 9 a.m. then we give rain-checks.

6.† All Vendors (Use of Extra Space)

Use of surrounding space.† We donít mind vendors using the spaces around the tables (where available) as long as A) it doesnít obstruct traffic flow and B) is not abusive.† If you abuse this policy and use too much space we will ask you to shrink it a little.

7.† All Vendors (Canopies and Tents)

We allow you to set up a tent or canopy over the tables or spaces you rent as long as it doesnít impede on the vendor spaces on either side of you.

8.† All Vendors† (Cooking Food)

We do not allow vendors to cook food to sell customers other than peanuts.† This is a regulation of the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control.† You are allowed to sell drinks or pre-packaged candies and crackers.† No cooked food allowed for sale.