“A place where customers

 can find the bargains

and our vendors

want to leave empty!”


The Mount Croghan Flea Market was started by Carolyn Taylor over 40 years ago –a local antique trader and delightful lady.  Carolyn started the flea market with her husband, Col. James O. Taylor Jr. The property was inherited by Col. Taylor from his father,  James O. Taylor Sr. who rebuilt his home there after General Sherman burned it. J.O. Taylor Sr. inherited the land from his father, Franklin Pearce Taylor.  Franklin P. Taylor inherited  the land from his father James H. Taylor.

James H. Taylor and his brother sold their plantations in Columbia to the State of South Carolina for the land underneath  the present-day  State Capitol when it was being relocated from Charleston.  James H. Taylor used the proceeds from this sale to acquire the property where the flea market is today. The pecan orchard was added in 1921  and still produces pecans every year.

Today, the flea market is still owned by Col. Taylor and was most recently managed by his friend, Tommy Tarlton for 24 years.  It is now being managed by his son James O. Taylor III (Jimo) for the family.  We haven’t changed much in 40 years.  We are still keeping the ole get-to-gather family culture the market is so well known for and adding a few upgrades here and there. 

We are proud to be a part of the community fabric and doing out part.   A big thanks to our customers and vendors.

                                       Serving the community since 1971