Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do new vendors†† reserve a spot?†

A) Check with the office when you first arrive and we will assign you a spot.† It is located behind our† road sign at the middle entrance.

B) If you are already in a spot on Sunday you can prepay for the spot for the next week, next month or any period of time you desire.

C) You can call or email us the specific row and table (space) numbers.† If you donít show by 7 a.m. we will rent it to someone else.† If you reserved, donít show, and donít call us to tell is you arenít coming you will not be allowed to reserve again.




8.†††††††††††††††† Can I bring my dog ?

We allow pets on a leash.† We do not allow aggressive, untrained dogs like.†† If you bring dogs that cause a problem we will politely ask you to leave or lock them in your vehicle.† Our apologies in advance for this.




†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Serving the community since 1971

2.††††††††††††† Can we leave early or arrive late ?

We ask our vendors to set up before 7 a.m. on Sundays.† Many spots allow for early pack-ups or late arrivals† but some do not.† We accommodate later arriving vendors as best we can. We will work with you. If you going to arrive late you must call us to let us know.




3.             How can I keep my spot every Sunday ?

You can reserve your space weekly or monthly by paying in advance.  We highly recommend this or you will likely lose your spot.  Sorry, no discounts, we are already cheap!

4.             Where do vendors park ?

Every shed, space and table has accessible vendor parking right at the spot Ėone vehicle. 

5.             Do you have electricity ?

Some of our booths and tables do have power but it is limited.  We are adding more power outlets this year.

6.             Can I cancel a reserved spot? What if I am late ?

On Sundays after 7 a.m. all spots are released from any reserves unless you call us and notify us you are coming.  If you are not coming we appreciate the same courtesy so we can rent the spot to someone else.  If you have paid monthly there is no refund policy if you do not come.

7.             What happens if it rains ?

Someone will always be there unless it is severe weather.  On warm days vendors still come even in the rain and open for business  and surprisingly customers show up too. If they do, we stay open.  If the weather is severe and we do not open all prepaid spots will roll over to the next week.† If you arrive and set up there are no refunds.

9.†††††††††††††††† Where do customers park ?

All customer parking is free.† We have two parking lots easily assessable from the Mt. Croghan side entrance (East side) or the Pageland side entrance (West side). Please do not park along the road under the pecan trees that have ROW numbers clearly marked.† These are reserved for vendors and you will be asked to move.