The Mt. Croghan Flea Market is a bona-fide original!  40 years old and nestled in a pecan grove with a rustic and relaxed atmosphere.  Over the last 40 years our culture has been a visiting place for old friends every Sunday.  Most of our long-timers (15-30 years) built a real family get-to-gether atmosphere and we consider that a tradition worth saving. So every Sunday, you will see a lot of folks visiting with other folks...buying some stuff along the way.  For a town with only 180 or so residents, Mt. Croghan must have made a lot of friends over the years.  ‘Cause a lot of people show up on Sunday!

The Flea Market property has been in the Taylor family for five generations. It once had a blacksmith, saw mill and a family home - all burned by Sherman when he came marching through. There is a rich history in the dirt.

We are located on highway #9 Hwy between Chesterfield and Pageland, S.C. just west of the town of Mt. Croghan.

You can find everything from furniture and freezers, antiques and collectables to pets, bicycles, chickens and rabbits.  Along with a regular supply of tools, bedding, fishing gear, clothes and shoes you will also find  plants, produce and tires.  And why you’re here, have a good ole-fashioned hot dog, sno-cone, or some boiled peanuts to enjoy while you look around and shop. 

If you haven’t been to a flea market

in awhile this is THE place to be!


Saturday  Closed

Sunday     6 a.m.—2 p.m. (Later for special events)


                                       Serving the community since 1971

“A place where customers

 can find the bargains

and our vendors want to leave empty!”